Privacy Statement

This privacy statement sets out how Christian Blind Mission Ireland (CBM Ireland) gathers, stores and uses your personal data.  We know that your personal data is very important and ensure that we keep it secure and minimise use of your data in compliance with best practice.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement or our Data Protection polices, you can contact the Data Protection Officer, Gwen Roddy, at or call us on 01 873 0300.  We are always happy to receive post at 176 Ivy Exchange, Granby Place, Dublin 1.


Who We Are

CBM is founded on Christian principles and is the only international charity in Ireland dedicated to improving life for people affected both by extreme poverty and disability, whether physical, sensory, intellectual, congenital, developmental or acquired.  Christian Blind Mission was founded by Ernst Christoffel in 1908 to help blind children in Turkey and Iran. Over the last 110 years this has blossomed into CBM International, a worldwide network of eleven organisations working in 54 countries.

CBM Ireland is a fully registered Irish charity with the Charity Registration Number: 14987. CBM Ireland was set up in 2002 and is based in Dublin.  You can find our contact details at the start of the Privacy Statement.


General statement

CBM Ireland fully respects your right to privacy and will not collect any personal information about you without your clear permission or without having a valid basis for processing that information. Any personal information which you volunteer will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality, strictly in accordance with recognised international standards and good practices.

As we are based in Ireland, EU Data Protection law applies and CBM Ireland works to constantly improve its governance of personal data to ensure we comply with current legislation and guidance.


Collection and use of personal information

Like all charities we depend on donations and constant fundraising and naturally have a donor database to accurately record and securely store information.  We have discussed this at board level and are happy that the legitimate interests of our clients in extreme poverty serve as a legal basis for processing donor’s data for direct marketing purposes.  We have balanced your rights with this legitimate interest and having taken proper professional advice are sure that we can operate in this way while still protecting your fundamental rights to privacy.

CBM Ireland collects a donor history that contains personal information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers and email address of our donors.  We may also have financial details and PPS number, depending on how you donated to us.  If you responded to a survey, we have a record of your answers to the questions.  We use this personal data for our fundraising to support delivery of our services to those in need. For example, we segment our donor database using the data above to target fundraising campaigns to specific areas or to specific groups of people.  As all times we are careful to respect your data protection rights.

You can opt-out of any use of your data at any time by contacting our data protection officer through

We don’t think that you will be surprised to be given the opportunity to donate to future campaigns or receive updates about existing ones.  But if at any time you wish to change or delete the data we hold on you, just contact us by any of the means set out above.  All our staff are trained in data protection principles and we ensure that any new staff are also trained. 


Fundraising Appeals

We conduct fundraising appeals by direct postal mail, by email, and by telephone.

If you have provided us with your postal address, we will contact you by post in relation to fundraising unless you opt-out.

We gather telephone and email information from donors by an optional field that you can fill in on a donation form. As stated on this form, by filling in your phone and email you are consenting to be contacted by CBM Ireland in this way.

If you have given us your email address we may also use it to match you against statistical profiles in Facebook or other services in a practice known as remarketing so you will be more likely to see information about the CBM Ireland in your Facebook Timeline, and so people who share your characteristics on those platforms will be more likely to see our fundraising calls to action as well.

To have your email address excluded from this processing, please contact us.


Data Retention Policy

Occasionally we have been contacted by legal representatives of the estates of deceased to find out if that person donated to us when they were alive.  This can arise when there is an unclear clause in a Will.  As such we will hold your details indefinitely, unless you opt out.  It is easy to opt out, just contact us via one of the methods set out above.

Data obtained from job applicants is deleted after one year.


Tax Reclaim

If you have personally given €250 or more in a calendar year your donation(s) may be eligible for tax reclaim from the Revenue Commissioners of up to an additional 45% of the total value at no cost to you. We will contact you by post with information that will allow us to submit a claim unless you opt-out.  If you return a form to us with a PPS number then we will keep this on file for the duration that the tax clearance certification is in date.



We occasionally run events to raise awareness of our programmes and to raise much needed funds. If you have given us your email address, postal address, or telephone number we may use them to let you know about events and remind you about them if:

For postal addresses, you are not opted-out of receiving postal communication about events.

For telephone and email addresses, if you are opted in to receiving messages about events or have attended a similar event in the past.



CBM Ireland sends out occasional newsletters to keep our donors updated about how we are working on achieving our goals in developing countries. These newsletters are sent by post and you can always opt out of receiving them by contacting us.


Saying Thank You

We’re very grateful to our donors. That’s why we like to send thank you letters by post or email every so often to remind you how much we value your contributions.

You can opt-out of receiving thank you letters by contacting us.

It is a CBM Ireland tradition to send birthday cards to donors who have given us they date of birth.  Naturally you can opt out at any time.

Use of Third Parties

We can’t do everything ourselves and must contract out certain tasks to third parties.  These include:

·         Payment Processing Services (Realex)

·         Marketing Agencies

·         Postal Mail Marketing companies

We often have to share the minimum amount of your personal data with these organisations required for the task or project.  This sharing is always undertaken in a manner compliant with the GDPR and third parties undertake to protect the security and integrity of personal data.  We only use well established and reputable third parties.


Cookie Policy

We collect general information about visitors to our website using cookies, including which web pages they look at and for how long. This helps us make our website better and more relevant for visitors. This information is anonymous and cannot be used to identify people.


Transfers outside the EU/EEA

We don’t transfer donor data outside of the EU/EEA.


Exercising your Rights as a Data Subject

As a Data Subject you have a variety of rights under EU law. These include:

·         The Right to be told if data about you is being processed, and for what purpose

·         The Right to receive a copy of all data CBM Ireland holds about you

·         The Right to object to your data being processed for a given purpose

·         The Right to object to your data being included in any form of data profiling

·         The right to have errors in the data we hold about you corrected

·         The right to have data about you deleted, except where we have a valid overriding reason for keeping it.

To exercise any of these rights, please contact us.

For more information regarding our Privacy & Security or to ask a question about CBM’s privacy practices, please write to CBM.